Gareth Pugh + Melissa on

You can imagine the excitement while scrolling through that we see our very own collaboration with Gareth Pugh featured! It seems the collaboration is creating a huge buzz and we can understand why! The Aileron style is a completely new concept for Melissa and with Pugh’s signature style it was always going to be a winner!

Another Pugh collaboration the Melissa girls are very excited about is with MAC! Our christmas party looks will definitely have essence of Pugh‘s catwalk creations!

Pugh says of the MAC collaboration…’ My limited edition line with MAC cosmetics is obviously something Im very excited about- thats been 2 years in the making, so its going to be great to see that come out in december…. just in time for christmas…. well at least I know what my mams getting this year!’

Yes your Mam and all the Melissa girls Gareth! x


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